One Door Closes, Another Opens!

“You are never promised tomorrow.”Such a short, but powerful statement that has already had a mighty effect on this cast. In our Harsefield 400 kid show, Kristin suffered an ankle injury that turned out to be a snapped ligament. This snap could ultimately harm her long term dance career. For her health and happiness, Kristin had no choice but to leave the cast and return to the States to heal.

Another heartbreaking departure is our first tour director, Ross McDonald. He led this group strong and really set a sturdy foundation that has us striving to reach our maximum potential as an effective unit. We thank you, Ross, for always kicking us into gear and always believing that we have the power to be great. We wish you the best of luck as a new uncle and the most happiness in Japan! We love you so much!

When one door closes, another opens, and that stands not only true for a new director, but a new country! The cast is heading into Poland to change lives in new territory! And to lead the pack for these next three weeks is the spectacular Jordan Mantey! We as a whole are so blessed and ecstatic to work with you and have you as a part of the family, Jordan! Thank you for being here and sharing your passion of music with us! Let’s do this thing!

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