Board of Directors


President, Entrepreneur

Phil has been involved with both the travel and photography industries since 1975. He is currently President of Pacific Photo Studios and General Partner with Royalty World Cruises. In addition to The Young Americans, he serves on the Board of Directors for Music Theatre Academy of Orange County; Allard Artists, Inc; Lisle Corporation; EZ Way, Inc; Canyon Creek HOA; and Eagles Knoll HOA. Phil is married with three grown children and lives in Irvine, CA. He has been an ardent supporter of The Young Americans since 1981.


Treasurer & Secretary, Senior Engineering Manager

Drew joined The Young Americans in 1992 as a drummer, but was afforded subsequent opportunities as audio engineer, company manager, and associate producer. He left the YAs in 1996 to pursue an aerospace engineering career, but is always honored when asked to mix one of the group’s special event performances. He is most thankful to the group for introducing him to his incredible wife, Cynthia, a beautiful 1st soprano southern belle from Alabama. Drew has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from San Diego State University, and an MS in Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California (Fight On!). He is currently a senior engineering manager for The Boeing Company, a father of two, a golfer, and an avid runner.


Professional Studio Musician

Vanessa Brown was involved with The Young Americans as a performer and musician from 1975 to 1982. She is currently a professional musician based in Los Angeles, California. Along with working as a percussionist for productions such as Disney’s The Lion King, Vanessa now plays for the ABC hit show Dancing With The Stars.


Executive Producer, retired, & Guest Director for The Young Americans

Mindy began her career as a producer/director on the Creative Development team at the Walt Disney Company in the early 1980’s and stayed in international theme park production with Dr Jeekahn’s in Tokyo, Lotte World in Seoul, and Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Expanding into the world of sports and spectaculars, Mindy’s work continued with four MLB’s All-Star Games, three NFL’s Super Bowl halftime shows, FIFA’s 1994 World Cup Soccer opening and closing ceremonies and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, including the design and production of all entertainment for the host sponsor, The Coca Cola Company. In the world of politics, Mindy has produced events for past Presidents Bush and Carter, and late past Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan, and for corporate clients including M & M/Mars, Delta Airlines, Philip Morris and Louis Vuitton/Moët/Hennesey. A Young American since 1976, Mindy is spending her retirement as a guest director with The Young Americans Music Outreach tour.


CEO, Demmer Corporation

Mr. Demmer received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University. He currently serves as CEO of Demmer Holdings, a group of companies located in Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Colorado, and Mexico. All companies produce complex metal components for the aerospace, chemical and computer industries. Mr. Demmer is also President and CEO of Demmer Properties, Airport Realty, Demmer Engineering and River Caddis Development, LLC. The combined companies employ over 1,200 people.


Attorney at Law

Bill became a member of The Young Americans in 1964. He was fortunate to be a performer in the Young Americans movie for Columbia Pictures and to tour with the group many times throughout Australia and the Far East. After age 21, he joined the staff of the organization as their orchestra conductor and road manager/company manager. During his time with the group he completed his bachelor’s degree in Economics. After leaving his employment with The Young Americans, he graduated from law school and has been practicing as an attorney since 1977. He joined The Young Americans Board of Directors in 1993.


Vice Chancellor Educational Services & Technology, Coast Community College District


President, Mike Wall Advancement Services, LLC