Harbor Springs, MI Summer Camp 2024!

We are happy to announce, we will be returning to Harbor Springs, Michigan this summer for our 13th year! We will be hosting our Performing Arts Summer Camps throughout the month of July. Limited spots are available so make sure you secure yours as soon as possible. We can’t wait to see you there!

Are you ready for camps?

What began as one week of camp several years ago has exploded into an international phenomenon that now is across the globe! The Young Americans’ Summer Camp is more than just a high-caliber performing arts camp. We believe in sustaining and supporting music programs in the communities we visit each summer. That is why we donate all of the ticket sales collected in our camps to the host school for their schools’ arts programs that support music and other arts activities throughout the year.

Sign Up your Student

Our hosted workshops and camps will be listed under the tabs “Performing Arts Summer Camps” or “Performing Arts Workshops”. There you can find your location or youth program available for your student(s). We’ll have event information, online registration, and scholarship applications available under each city specific tab.

Host an Event

To host one of our youth programs, you need to be associated with a public/private school, educational organization, or foundation. You can also be a community member with the means and space to host a large activity like our camps or workshops. To learn more, send an email to our production team at bhein@youngamericans.org.

Local Sponsorship

Governments, companies, artists, and parents have responded with overwhelming support of our programs. There are countless stories of how they help to change the lives of the students and communities we visit. We need your help to sponsor children in need of financial assistance. Please consider giving the gift of music today.

Become a Volunteer

At all of our events, we utilize local volunteers to help during meal breaks, donate food or water for the cast, and host our cast members in their home for the duration of the program. If you can help, please contact the workshop or camps contact who’s email will be listed on each locations tab.

Frequently Asked Questions | Summer Camps

Is the camp indoor all day or will the campers need sunscreen?

While most of the camp takes place inside, a group may occasionally enjoy the beautiful outdoors as they learn a show segment. As a precaution, applying sunscreen daily before your camper arrives is recommended.

Is your summer camp for experienced dancers/singers?

Yes, with every event we do, we’re able customize material for students with previous training. We continue to make sure each student receives their next step in performing arts education.

I see there are two acts to the show, what is in each act?

The first act is performed by the cast of Young Americans as a “thank you” to the campers and families for welcoming us into your community. The second act features the campers in a variety show they learn throughout the week.

How much is camp?

Follow the camp info and registration link in our tour schedule section to find out how much camp costs at the location near you.

When and where can I purchase tickets for the show?

Tickets are sold during the week of camp at the show venue. Stop in at the beginning or end of each camp day to purchase a ticket. We recommend stopping by before show day to guarantee getting a ticket for the show(s).

Do the campers have to buy tickets for the show?

No. The campers are performers in the show.

Is the camp suitable for kids with special needs?

All are welcome! The Young Americans have a successful history of integration in their teaching endeavors and strive to work with any student interested in the camp. We’re aware, however, that each situation is unique. If you have a special needs student, we invite you to please contact our Summer Camp Producer to discuss what is best for your individual family circumstance.

Have more camp questions?

Email Belle Hein (bhein@youngamericans.org). She is more than happy to help answer your questions!