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summer camps
Open to students elementary through college. Locations may differ, see specific camp location info for exact ages available to attend. If you’re student is too young to attend camp, we welcome you to see the final show!

The Young Americans Summer Camp Tour will be traveling across the U.S. during the months of June, July, and August. A cast of 30+ Young Americans, ages 18-24, will be the instructors for every camp. Our instructors have experience teaching kids and adults in many languages to students all around the world. This summer, we have 2 casts traveling around the United States. Our camps are an awesome opportunity for students to grow as a people and performers. Students of all experience levels are encouraged to join. Throughout the week, campers will spend time learning an hour show geared for their respective age group. We generally break kids up into elementary, middle, and high school groups. They will also be taking fun and interactive classes in singing, dancing, and improv acting. On the fourth day of camp, we bring in an industry professional from our Alumni group who teach master classes that share the skills and experiences they have learned in their respective professions. The master teachers have had and still have careers as Broadway performers, major TV network hosts, casting directors, and many more related professions. The camp offers a unique experience to gain self-confidence, make new friends, learn an incredible 1-hour variety show, and take workshops in singing, dancing, and acting that you don’t want to miss out on!

Check out our tour schedule below to see if we are coming to a city near you. We have more specific information in the “Camp Info and Registration” section for each camp. If you still have questions, feel free to send us an email at

Before you go, check out the other tabs on the site. We’ve got great information in the “About” and “FAQs” sections, and don’t forget to check out some of our video montages from last year’s camps in our “Video” tab!

We hope to see you this summer!
Summer Camp Schedule | 2015
JUNE 1-5
Falcon Middle School: Peyton, COLORADO – Day Camp ››
JUNE 1-5
Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School: St. Louis, MISSOURI – Day Camp ››
JUNE 9-13
New Prague Middle School: New Prague, MINNESOTA – Day Camp ››
JUNE 8-13
Midland University: Fremont, NEBRASKA – Overnight/Day Camp ››
JUNE 16-20
Port Washington High School: Port Washington, WISCONSIN – Day Camp ››
JUNE 16-20
Daniel Webster School: Pasadena, CALIFORNIA – Day Camp ››
JUNE 23-27
Paw Paw High School: Paw Paw, MICHIGAN – Day Camp ››
JUNE 23-27
Location TBA: Long Beach, CALIFORNIA – Day Camp ››
Harbor Spring High School, Harbor Springs, MICHIGAN – Day Camp ››
The Young Americans’ Campus, Corona, CALIFORNIA – Day Camp ››
JULY 6-10
Harbor Spring High School, Harbor Springs, MICHIGAN – Day Camp ››
JULY 6-10
Cypress High School, Cypress, CALIFORNIA – Day Camp ››
JULY 13-17
Harbor Spring High School, Harbor Springs, MICHIGAN – Day Camp ››
JULY 13-17
Sinaloa Middle School, Novato, CALIFORNIA – Day Camp ››
JULY 21-25
Mona Shores High School: Muskegon, MICHIGAN – Day Camp ››
JULY 20-24
El Segundo High School: El Segundo, CALIFORNIA – Day Camp ››
Alpena High School: Alpena, MICHIGAN – Day Camp ››
Location TBD: Tustin, CALIFORNIA – Day Camp ››
Carlsbad High School: Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA – Day Camp ››
Western High School: Parma, MICHIGAN – Day Camp ››
Casts will be announced late next spring!
Alec Otto
BEFORE YAs: I could not decide what i wanted to do but i knew it had to do with music, which is part of why i joined the group.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: I did MMA fighting for 14 years, karate, ju jitsu, and other types of fighting, and then joined show choir during the later part of my high school life.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: I joined because two of my friends who graduated the year before me had joined and i could not decide what i wanted to major in for college so instead of wasting my money on college i decided YA’s would give me time to make up my mind and make me a better performer and artist.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I want to pursue sound engineering and design. I want to pursue my passion of electronic dance music and dj’ing. I hope to get a bachelors degree at a nice college like columbia in audio engineering and sound design. I love working with sound waves and creating sound from the ground up.
Alyssa Springstead
Michigan, USA
BEFORE YAs: My plan for after high school was to go to college and become a nurse.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: I was involved in choir and musicals and held a part time job.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: Even when I graduated and moved away to college, there was something missing in my life. It was singing and performing. Music is my passion and I didn’t have any time to pursue why I loved because of all the nursing classes I was taking. I realized nursing was not really what I wanted to do with my life. Since i had no idea what i really wanted to do I figured The Young Americans would help me find out what i enjoy.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I plan to live in California, audition for Disney, cruise ships etc., and then finish college with a degree in the health and nutrition field.
Andrea Sarasin
New Hampshire
BEFORE YAs: I was going to a state school in New Hampshire and studying dance and elementary education.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: Dance, newspaper editor, honor society.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: I was completely blown away by the passion and commitment to one another that the Young Americans showed. I had to be apart of it.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I am not totally sure yet, but I know I would love to teach!
Andrew Woyshner
Anna Corazza
Ashlee Morris-Kurz
Bethany Spengler
Colorado, USA
BEFORE YAs: I wanted to go to a performing arts college.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: Musical theatre and yearbook.
JOINED THE YAs: I joined the Young Americans because I came to see my friends new kid show. It was everything my heart wanted to do and more importantly be apart of.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: It’s my dream to be a Disney performer on a cruise ship, at Disney World, or Disney Land. After that I would love to open my own yoga studio.
Brandon Kimmey
Bri Williams
Cat Boettner
BEFORE YAs: Planned to go to UC San Francisco and study Music
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: I went to a preforming arts school in middle and high school. I took classes in music theory, many types of dance, acting, voice, makeup, recording techniques, jazz vocals, business of “the business”, stage combat, and many others. When I wasn’t at school from 8am-5pm I was a part of a preforming group called Musical Theater University. We worked with stars like Carol Channing, Harvey Fierstein, and Shoshana Bean, preforming on enormous stages of casinos and resorts.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: Well, I never took a workshop, I only came to see Broadway show in 2013 and it was awe-inspiring. The Young Americans were incredible performers; they were so full of energy and passion, I was immediately drawn in. I heard later that their main purpose was working with and teaching kids, which was one of my greatest passions. The group seemed right up my alley, and it was! I feel privileged to have a family among such warm, talented people.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: Move to San Francisco, get a job, rent an apartment, finish school, be in a band, write music, start my life.
Cheyenne Hirst
California, USA
BEFORE YAs: I wanted to be a photo journalist and write sports articles.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: I was a part of cheer, show choir, theatre, asb, and ALOT of different clubs on campus.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: I took a workshop my a Junior year oh High School with my little brother who was in 5th grade. And to see how much the YAs brought him out of his shell, I knew this was something I needed to be a part of.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I want to be a first grade teacher or practice music therapy with special needs children.
Cordell Hagmann
California, USA
BEFORE YAs: I was supposed to attend a Cal State University and figure out my life from there. I didn’t really have a specific direction.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: I was a show choir kid and coached soccer teams on the side.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: Grayden Smith told me to audition, so I did without knowing anything about the Young Americans. Literally, I thought they only had a Christmas Show.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I plan to go to school and finish a degree in the Music field, but behind the scenes in either Agency or Music Communications.
Courtney MacMillan
Colorado, USA
BEFORE YAs: After my brother and sister joined the YAs, I didn’t really plan on doing anything else. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t gotten in?!
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: I did a few musicals with my high school, but mostly I danced after school at a local studio.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: Both of my parents were YAs and both went to college, but all of their best friends now are YAs. I wanted those kinds of people in my life.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I want to live in Boston. My ultimate goal would be to have my own professional dance company.
Emily Kleve
BEFORE YAs: I went to school to get a teaching degree in K-12 music education.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: Softball, basketball, track, golf, FFA, 4-H, Youth Council, Jr. leaders, choir, show choir, musical, pep band, concert band, jazz band, speech, drama, DECA, Girl Scouts, and Youth Group.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: I joined because I wanted to give back to this amazing organization for everything they gave me as a high schooler and to just help make the world a better place with music!
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I really want to stay in the group for a while, but I would like to finish getting my teaching degree and possibly come back and teach at the college here at The Young Americans.
Hannah Day
New Hampshire, USA
BEFORE YAs: I wanted to go to college to becoming a math teacher.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: I was part of many extra curricular activities including ski team, cheerleading, volunteering with the Red Cross, and ACT (Activity Coordination Team).
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: I joined the YAs because when they came to my high school, they really helped me come out of my shell. They pushed me to really believe in myself and I loved it. As a Young American now, I want to help push others to truly believe in who they are.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: My plans after Young Americans are to attend a school to study youth ministry work. I can use my love of working with children and teaching to help share God’s love.
Hannah Efsits
BEFORE YAs: I planned to go to college for biology and medicine and be a surgeon.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: My high school extracurricular activities included student government, Move2Stand bully prevention committee, key club, soccer, tennis, track and cross-country, and choir.
JOINED THE YAs: I discovered that I had a passion for music, and a friend of mine had been a YA and thought it would be a good outlet for me.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: After YAs I’d like to continue traveling and see as much of the world as I can. I’d eventually like to perform on Broadway and record my music and maybe go back to school.
J’Lin Jordan
BEFORE YAs: Plans were to Southeastern University and major in music education.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: Extra curriculars were choral, band, Key Club, Bible Club, etc.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: I joined YA’s because they changed my life in such a positive way, so I want to share that with other kids around the world.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: Continue performing and helping kids, and maybe someday become a teacher!
Kimberly Stanizzi
New Hampshire, USA
BEFORE YAs: I was planning to go to school to earn my BFA in Musical Theatre, with the ultimate goal of performing on Broadway.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: My extra curricular activities were community theatre, honors choir, dance and voice lessons.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: No other school provided the same extraordinary opportunities in which the YA’s do. I knew it was a once in a lifetime experience that I did not want to give up! It was the best of both worlds, providing college courses, as well as incredible performance and teaching opportunities.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: YA has opened my eyes to my love and passion for working with children. I plan to eventually finish my degree in Elementary Education, and of course always incorporate music in everything I do!
Kirby Eichstadt
Kyle Goleman
New Hampshire
BEFORE YAs: Lived in Los Angeles pursuing his acting career. Some of his most prominent work was on Nickelodeon’s hit show “iCarly”, in Toby Keith’s “Beers Ago” music video, in Bridge Mendler’s “We Can Change the World” music video, in the short film “The Kids Don’t Like It”, and in various commercials for Doritos, Porsche, Best Buy, and Nintendo DS.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: Photography/ Film, High School Choir, Show Choir, Jazz Choir.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: Before I did my first workshop with Young Americans when I was 10, my life was all about sports. Young Americans opened my eyes to the world of performing and I have found my true passion in life. Now, I want to give back and do that for other kids.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I want to move back to LA to further pursue my acting career.
Leah Jones
Liz Laramie
New Hampshire
BEFORE YAs: I planned on going to Plymouth State for graphic design.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: I was in high school choir for all 4 years.
JOINED THE YAs: I wanted to give a child what I received from the Young Americans: confidence, and an even deeper love for music and performing. I have also always wanted to travel!
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: To be a singer songwriter or a special needs teacher.
Mariah Strickland
Mayson McDaniel
Michael Lunder
BEFORE YAs: I wanted to be a Vet before I met the YA’s.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: A lot of jobs, track, show choir, musicals, gymnastics, and dance for a few months of my senior year.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: I joined because they used music to make me feel better about myself during a time when I was bullied for loving music.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I don’t have any plans right now, but I would love to stay involved with music no matter what I do!
Mimi Ortega
California, USA
BEFORE YAs: I’ve always had dreams of being on Broadway, so I went to Fullerton College to major in Theatre. I was also the fastest girl in Track at the time and would have loved to continue running.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: I was in Show Choir and I ran Track.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: I took a workshop at my high school while I was in college. What they introduced to me was beyond amazing. They inspired me through music, my favorite thing.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I plan to get a job and save money for a house. On the side I want to audition for musicals in LA and continue to write and record my music in the studio.
Nate Padilla
BEFORE YAs: I wanted to be a firefighter.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: American football, basketball, baseball and volleyball and I was also in the Ping-pong club.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: To perform and make a difference everywhere I go and with everyone I meet.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: Keep performing anywhere I can, and making a difference anywhere I go.
Nozomi Masuoka
BEFORE YAs: Go to the university then study about the sociology, education and economy. (I actually went to the university then studied them all for 2 years.)
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: Extra curriculars were some volunteer activities for kids and foreign exchange.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: I worked with YAs and kids as a student volunteer on Japan tour for 5 years then met 1 YA who inspired me so much so decided to join.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I am planning to go back to Japan then before I came here I worked at special needs class in elementary school so I want to go back there then find a better way to work with kids as my career.
Olga Gorbunova
BEFORE YAs: I went to school to be an oral surgeon dentist, but didn’t finish, worked as a dental assistant in New York!
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: I played Basketball for my middle and high school in Kazakhstan, and first two years of college in Russia.
JOINED THE YAs: I joined the YA’s because i wanted to challenge myself and grow as a musician and performer! I wanted to feel full! Something was missing in my life…
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I want to be on Broadway! Who said I couldn’t?:) I want to direct and put shows together!
Patrick Marshall
Rene Rodriguez
Ryan Fielder
Ryan London
Michigan, USA
Sal Lacagnina
Florida, USA
BEFORE YAs: My plan was to attend a Florida university and pursue college basketball and theater.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: Varsity Basketball, Drama club, Student Government, Model United Nations, Youth In Government, Environmental Club, and Class Officer.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: The Young Americans seemed like an amazing way to travel the world and learn more about what I want to do with my life.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: My plans after Young Americans are to do whatever makes me happy at the time and can help others.
Samuel Benson
Wyoming, USA
BEFORE YAs: I actually planned on studying architecture and/or veterinary medicine.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: I was involved in drama, choir, orchestra, marching band, and swimming.
WHY I JOINED THE YAs: I joined the group because the young Americans brought an understanding of music I had never seen before and I wanted to be able to spread the amazing feeling that they gave me to everyone else.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: I have no idea what I would like to do yet in the future, I would just like to be happy and have a beautiful family.
Skyler Shelton
Tyler Vogt
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA CURRICULARS: Show choir all 4 years, studio dancing.
JOINED THE YAs: I joined the Young Americans because I took a workshop my senior year and fell in love with how free and open all the Young Americans were, and how much joy they had from teaching and performing.
MY PLANS AFTER YAs: One of my dreams is to be a performer on Broadway, and be a world renowned choreographer.
Zack Steenbergen
New York
The Young Americans’ Summer Camp is more than just a high-caliber performing arts camp. We believe in sustaining and supporting music programs in the communities we visit each summer. That is why we donate all of the ticket sales collected in our camps to local organizations and school music programs that support music and the arts programs throughout the year.

In the past three years, we have donated over $228,000 to local and school music and arts programs in cities all over the United States. That number is the hard work of people from our staff and most importantly, members of those communities, who believe in the importance of music education. Help support our cause and support today! Whether you attend a camp show, scholarship a student to camp, or make a donation to The Young Americans, you can help make a change to keep music alive and well in education today!
Q : Does my student need previous performing arts training?

A : The Young Americans staff of 30+ teachers is gifted at working with students who have various levels of performing experience. However, your student does not need prior training to feel a sense of accomplishment in our camp. Our focus is to help motivate students to achieve their individual goals.

Q : Are there water or rest breaks during the day?

A : Though the camp moves at a very energetic pace, The Young Americans staff pays special attention to the needs of the campers. Students are given small breaks throughout the day plus a full hour for lunch. Volunteers monitor the campers during lunch and breaks to ensure the safety of your students on property. All that being said, campers sleep very well at night during the week of camp!

Q : What level of supervision is provided for my student?

A : Our staff takes the safety of students very seriously. Here are just a few measures that we have taken to ensure the well-being of each student: 1.) Before being accepted into the organization, each Young American staff member is required to complete a background check, following the guidelines of the Orange County Department of Education where they work and teach. 2.) All camp staff, volunteers and students are required to wear name badges and camp bracelets at all times. 3.) Each building has an evacuation/emergency plan for fires or severe weather conditions. 4.) Each camper must be signed in at beginning of camp each day. We require all students leaving early to sign out.

Q : Is the camp indoor all day or will the campers need sunscreen?

A : While most of the camp takes place inside, a group may occasionally enjoy the beautiful outdoors as they learn a show segment. As a precaution, applying sunscreen daily before your camper arrives is recommended.

Q : Is the camp suitable for kids with special needs?

A : All are welcome! The Young Americans have a successful history of integration in their teaching endeavors and strive to work with any student interested in the camp. We’re aware, however, that each situation is unique. If you have a special needs student, we invite you to please contact our Summer Camp Producer to discuss what is best for your individual family circumstance.

Q: How much is camp?

A: Follow the camp info and registration link in our tour schedule section to find out how much camp costs at the location near you.

Q: When and where can I purchase tickets for the show?

A: Tickets are sold during the week of camp at the show venue. Stop in at the beginning or end of each camp day to purchase a ticket. We recommend stopping by before show day to guarantee getting a ticket for the show(s).

Q: Do the campers have to buy tickets for the show?

A: No. The campers are performers in the show.

Q: I see there are two acts to the show, what is in each act?

A: The first act is performed by the cast of Young Americans as a “thank you” to the campers and families for welcoming us into your community. The second act features the campers in a variety show they learn throughout the week.

Q: Have more camp questions?

A: Email us at, and we are more than happy to help answer your questions!
How can you bring The Young Americans Summer Camp to your community?
Bringing the summer camp to your community:
Welcome and thank you for taking time to look into our program. The information below will give you a great idea of everything involved to host The Young Americans in your community. Our team will help you every step of the way to ensure a successful and inspiration experience.
The Young Americans - Small Icon
STEP ONE: Understanding what’s a part of hosting the tour.
  • Delegate Status & Promotion : As a delegate, you would host The Young Americans Summer Camp program. We would provide a high quality music education camp for your students entering 3rd grade – college. The camp culminates in a terrific two-hour performance with your students performing with The Young Americans. You will be listed as a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Record school on our website and Facebook. This list promotes and signifies schools going above and beyond to bring quality music education to their students as well as valuing how their students feel about themselves amongst their peers. (Don’t know what Turn Up The Music is? Refer to the ‘About’ section)
  • Camp Length : The camp is 5 days long. The first 4 days featuring classes and rehearsal for campers ramping up to 1-2 large showcase performances on Day 5 for friends, family, and the community. The cast will need to load-in equipment the afternoon/evening the day before camp begins with participants.
  • Money Donated : As the host school, you have the preference of where the Turn Up The Music donation funds go. It’s up to you, and we can provide scenarios from what other schools have chosen to do for their music programs.
  • Student Scholarships : You’ll have first access to the scholarship money from Turn Up The Music for your workshop. This money is used for students that cannot afford to take the workshop. We will provide a scholarship application that will then be passed onto you to determine which students you’d like to receive help. We can send out notifications to them for you thereafter.
  • Host Families & Food : Host is responsible for food and housing for The Young Americans’ cast and their Director(s). We have been staying in families across the world since the Outreach Tours began in 1992. It is one of our favorite aspects about tour. The relationships that are made last a lifetime. At least two Young Americans stay in each family (roughly 18 families per tour cast). We provide tools to help your coordinator collect information for the volunteer families. Each family will receive complimentary tickets in our VIP seating for the final performance as a thank you. Generally, host families provide meals for our cast members, but often, we utilize food donations and potlucks from local restaurants and businesses to help with lunches during the camp day.
  • Facility Space : The host is responsible for providing a facility for the event. Start with deciding what the main venue for the performance would be. Gym or Theatre? Can we have access to it for all 5 days? Additional teaching spaces (e.g. choir room, band room, small theatre, wrestling room, outdoors if the weather permits) We prefer to have two of these additional spaces during days 1-4 when we split up to teach different groups at the same time.
  • Registration : There is no fee to the school for the workshop or fundraiser. Instead, we charge a base price of $189 to students who’d like to participate. This includes registration for all five days and a Young Americans t-shirt. Students wear this as their costume for the show. It has become a memento for students; many choose to have it signed by The Young Americans and their friends after the show. Our online registration site helps take the stress of registration queries and logistics
  • Show Tickets : Tickets for the final performance are sold by The Young Americans : $12/adult and $0/student. We have also had success by incorporating reserved seating at an additional cost. Our staff will take care of this upon arrival.
The Young Americans - Small Icon
STEP TWO: Reserve & Confirm your Date
  • Submit your contact information to our Booking Director : Click here.
  • Start looking for a month that works for your school. Refer to the listing of future tours below. All of our camps take place on a Monday – Friday or Tuesday – Saturday format.
  • Tour Schedule Dates:
    • June – mid August | Past camp locations : Colorado, California, Nebraska, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We are looking to include more states every year!
    • Things to think about when checking with your school:
      • What is the main venue? Gym or Theatre? Can we have access to it for all three days?
      • Additional teaching spaces (e.g. choir room, band room, small theatre, wrestling room) We only need two of these additional spaces during Day One and Two.
      • Conflicting dates with surrounding schools. Very successful schools have focused on collaborating with everyone around them (i.e. schools inside and outside of their district, dance studios, performing arts academies). Try to find a date that works with their students’ schedules as well.
    • When your date is solidified, we can start collecting information to create online registration, posters, and flyers for you.
The Young Americans - Small Icon
  • Here are positions that we recommend you delegating to parents/teachers who are a part of your team. As a thank you, we can provide free student registration and show tickets for your team members.
    • Elementary School Promo : Responsible for distributing posters/flyers/emails to all Elementary School students.
    • Middle School Promo : Responsible for distributing posters/flyers/emails to all Middle School students.
    • High School Promo : Responsible for distributing posters/flyers/emails to all High School students.
    • Specialty Organizations/General Marketing Promo : Responsible for distributing posters/flyers/emails to all other organizations (e.g. radio commercials, TV specials, press release, dance studios, performing arts academies)
    • Host Family Coordinator : Responsible for coordinating families that would like to be a host family for 2 or more YAs during the event
    • Sponsors & Parent Volunteers : Responsible for coordinating parent volunteers for the workshop (parents that can help check-in students or monitor meal breaks). Responsible for utilizing connections with local sponsors to raise funds towards the student scholarship fund.
  • Some of these positions can be combined, but our most successful workshops position someone in each of these roles.
The Young Americans - Small Icon
STEP FOUR: Promote & Follow Up
  • Promote : Student Registration drives the success of your fundraiser. The higher that number is, the easier everything else truly becomes. Think about what marketing/promotion works best for your community and we can work with you to make it happen. Even though it may not be something we’ve done before, we are open to taking your direction and providing support.
  • Our team will provide you with videos, registration flyers, and posters to distribute to classrooms and organizations.
  • Advance Promotion Tour : There is often opportunity for a small team of Young Americans to come visit your community for a day or two during the school year. They can speak with classes, conduct assembly shows, radio spots, or anything you feel that would help spread the word
  • Local Sponsorship : You can ask for food sponsors or registration sponsors. Our scholarship money, notated above in step one, is the ground work for you to challenge local business’s to jump in. We are more than willing to provide advertisement opportunities to them on our projection screens during the show and in the program we hand out to every audience member.
  • Follow Up : Don’t be afraid to follow up with every school you speak to about helping you advertise. School life can get busy and everyone needs that nice reminder when deadlines are coming up.
The Young Americans - Small Icon
STEP FIVE: The workshop begins. ENJOY!
  • As a new member of our family, we want you to feel comfortable to be involved as little or as much as you’d like. We will introduce you to the cast and thank you for believing in the power of music. You work all year to provide so many amazing opportunities for your students needs to be congratulated.
  • Don’t forget that this three day event can go by fast. Make sure you have everything ready to be able to enjoy the magic as what happens.
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