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Turning Up Music Education Around the World
The International Music Outreach Tours were created by The Young Americans® in 1992 to bring music back into schools, opening doors of discovery for the musical talents of young people. Since the first group of Young Americans stepped into a high school gymnasium in Florida in 1992, our Music Outreach programs continue to lead the way, creating the largest music education movement in the world. In 2014 alone, we visited 225 communities and worked with over 52,637 students from kindergarten to high school. Our 3-day outreach intensive continues to inspire youth, empower teachers, and strengthen education systems across the globe. Through our national tours this year we have given $220,000 directly back to music programs totaling over $400,000 since founding the Turn Up The Music campaign – our million dollar commitment to the arts.
The Music Outreach Program aims to:
  • Encourage music in the schools of our nation and around the world.
  • Train young people in vocal techniques, dance, and comedy improvisation, to stage movement, sound, lighting, and more.
  • Share insight and understanding of different cultures.
  • Strengthen character & develop self-esteem, self-worth, and leadership

We roll into town with one of our intrepid, 45-member crews for a three-day signature workshop for an elementary, middle, or high school. Up to 400 students sign up to participate in a vibrant and exciting music intensive. In just three days, we turn a group of eager students into a show to remember, demonstrating to teachers, parents, school districts and communities the power of music education.

3-Day Workshops can include:
  • The Young Americans® demonstration performances.
  • Educational classes & workshops.
  • Comprehensive evaluation: a time for each school to perform for our staff and receive hands-on instruction and suggestions (not mandatory).
  • Honoring participating teachers: each teacher needs stature in the eyes of their students in order to build a stronger program.
Research Shows music programs:
  • Enhance a young person’s self-esteem
  • Help develop critical thinking and self-discipline skills
  • Improve students’ cognitive development
  • Enhance basic math and reading abilities
  • Increase school attendance

Students involved in Music Programs achieve higher SAT scores, are more likely to graduate from high school & attend college, and are less likely to be involved with gangs and substance abuse.

Global Impact
Music brings people together for many purposes: teamwork, respect, accomplishment, caring & self-discipline, a sense of self-worth and MUCH more. The International Outreach Tours have touched lives in nearly all 50 states and beyond including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ukraine, Gibraltar, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, China and Japan.  More than 750,000 students have participated in these exciting workshops and many more are waiting for The Young Americans to visit their cities and schools.
The video below previews the beginning of workshop. The community meets The Young Americans and the students learn the opening hip-hop number in only ten minutes!
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