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Behind every concert, artist, and show, is a passionate and skillful team bringing creative vision to life.

The Young Americans, INVENT Institute of Venue and Entertainment Technology (INVENT), and our local partners are proud to offer a unique opportunity to learn and train with top industry professionals in the exciting field of live production. This intensive nineteen-week internship will offer instruction and hands-on training in core areas of live event production including live audio, stage lighting, projection, rigging, camera operation, and more. Upon completion of the internship, our interns become eligible for the unique opportunity to travel the world as a lead technician for The Young Americans’ International Music Outreach Tours. These tours travel across the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Africa, and Australia. In addition, INVENT will provide a certificate of completion for coursework in each area of study. You‘ll have documented experience practicing the skills prized by industry professionals in television, film, and theatre.

World-Renowned, The Young Americans

Founded in 1962, The Young Americans (YA) is dedicated to the promotion of understanding and goodwill among people throughout the world through music, dance, performance, academic education, and cultural interaction among student members and their audiences. We are focused on providing music education and performance opportunities to young people around the world.

We host over 400 performances each year, ranging from small workshops in rural areas to professional productions in Broadway-style theaters across the U.S., Europe, and Japan. These diverse situations cultivate performers, technicians, and interns who are exceptionally skilled and adaptable, making them highly sought after by colleagues in the production and entertainment industries.

Cutting Edge Education, INVENT Institute

The INVENT Institute of Venue and Entertainment Technology is a highly innovative educational institution located in Los Angeles, CA that is dedicated to the training and advancement of venue and entertainment technology professionals. Using hands-on application, lab-style training, online coursework, and interaction with leading industry professionals, INVENT provides educational experiences to enrich the lives and resumes of students. They do this by expanding students’ skill sets and leading them to utilize their new knowledge to do things they never thought possible.  Students will be tested on highly coveted technical competencies which are the hallmark of effective crew members at the professional level. INVENT classes serve to accelerate students into the forefront of the industry with powerful knowledge and marketable skills.



Learn the art and science of live mixing, and get to know your gear inside and out.



Discover the world of lighting through creative design, key techniques, and real-world application.



Get behind the camera and acquire the skills to jump on board a video team in a fast-paced live environment.



Bring images to life in any setting through mastery of projection and LED wall technology.

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Work alongside The Young Americans‘ production staff, which puts up over 400 shows each year around the world.

Receive instruction from INVENT’s expert teachers and leading professionals in the ever-changing field of venue and entertainment technology.


The Young Americans Campus
1132 Olympic Dr. 
Corona, CA 92881
INVENT Institute of Venue & Entertainment Technology
1401 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033


This intensive nineteen-week internship incorporates theory-based study, hands-on training, and real-world production experience. This approach cultivates well-rounded technicians whose wide knowledge and experience makes them well-equipped for the highly competitive world of live production.


Application opens February 22

Application closes April 30

Notifications May 10

*This internship is not associated with The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts