Tech Interns 2019 - Next Steps

There are many steps to complete on your road to becoming a Tech Intern 2019 and we look forward to assisting and supporting you throughout the process!

Take one step at a time and we are always here to help should you have any questions or need assistance along the way. Remember that although you are not enrolling in our college program, because many of the steps to be completed are similar, you will be interfacing with our Admissions staff for assistance. or (951) 493-6753 ext. 115


Background Check

In order to become a Young American, all prospective members must pass a background check. Complete the form and submit the $45 fee to begin!

Background checks typically require 10 business days to be processed. You will be notified of your background check status within 7-10 business days.

If your background check returns any reportable results, we will notify you with a copy of the report. 

You do not need to wait to hear from us to continue in the enrollment process, but should any reportable results be returned, your admission to our program may be rescinded.


Policies & Expectations

Below are important policies relating to being a member of The Young Americans. Please review this information carefully and be sure you fully understand the expectations of our members prior to continuing with your “application” process.

1st Year Active Member Expectations

Learn more about the expectations of active members.

Code of Ethics

Read the Code of Ethics and complete the agreement.

Social Media Policy

Read the Social Media Policy and complete the agreement.


Tech Application

This online “application” will list every document, agreement, and form needed for participation in our program, and will provide detailed information on how to upload or submit each item.

The Tech Application has tracking functionality which will allow you to see what has been submitted, if anything needs to be re-submitted, what items are still pending, and what has been accepted.

See the  Application Resources section below for information on what documents and forms will be required for participation in our program.


Apply for Your Passport

All students must provide proof of having a current, valid passport book.

Passports typically take 6-8 weeks to process and the cost is $145 USD for first-time applicants.

Proof must be uploaded to the Tech Application by June 30, 2019.


Certificates of Health

All Young Americans members are required to submit certificates of health due to our program’s intense physical and mental requirements.

There are 3 sets of forms to be completed.

Submissions must be uploaded to the Tech Application by May 15, 2019.

HIPAA Medical Release Form

This form authorizes the release of your medical records to The Young Americans.

Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Forms

These forms are to be completed by you and/or your parent/guardian, and your physician.

Brief Health Questionnaire

This form is to be completed by you and/or your parent/guardian.


Proof of Health Insurance

All Young Americans members are required to have health insurance while participating in organizational activities.

Proof must be uploaded to the Tech Application by June 30, 2019.


Immunizations and TB Test Results

All Young Americans members are required to submit proof of immunization for Tdap, VZV, MMR, MenACWY, and Hep B, as well as take a test for tuberculosis.

Proof must be uploaded to the Tech Application by June 30, 2019.


Participation Agreement

Your Participation Agreement will be sent to you shortly before check-in day in July 2019.


List of Enrollment Documents and Forms and Links to Instructions

All of the items listed below will be available on the online Tech Application once you have paid your $150 deposit. You may visit the links below for more information on each step and to get started on items like applying for a passport or requesting placement scores.

Please keep in mind that you will not be able to upload any of the items listed below until you have paid your Application Fee and been given access to the Tech Application.

Items that can be completed as soon as you receive your Tech Application Link*

*The Tech Application link will be sent to those who have paid their $150 application fee

Items you should begin working on or applying for

*Most of these items will need to be uploaded to the Tech Application.

  • Passport (if you do not have a current passport, or your passport will expire in the next 12 months, you will need to apply, or re-apply, for your passport several months before it is due to allow for processing time)
  • Proof of Medical Insurance with coverage in the state of California (most national plans have California coverage. For state programs such as Medicare you will need to apply for coverage in California under Medi-cal)
  • Proof of Immunization for Tdap, VZV, MMR, MenACWY, and Hep B.
  • Tuberculosis Test Results – (The standard skin TB test is sufficient for U.S. born students. Foreign-born students/members, please click here for additional information on TB test requirements.)
  • Certificates of Health – 3 sets of forms to be completed (the forms are available in Step 9 or on the Tech Application)

Below are items that may be required for some students, or that some students may choose to submit, but that may not apply to everyone

  • Lease Agreement and Housing Payment – for those who select to live in YACPA Housing


Our most frequently asked questions are below. Should you not find the answer you are looking for, email us at


When do I choose my classes and when do I register?

Our production staff will share the process for registering at INVENT.


How much does your program cost?

Please review the Technical Internship brochure to learn about participation and housing costs as well as scholarship information.

Where can I apply for scholarships?

Click here to be taken to the Scholarship Application.

Where do the students live and how much does student housing cost?

Please visit the Student Housing section of our website to learn more about our student housing options, and the Tuition & Housing Costs section to learn about the estimated costs. Should you submit the Cost Estimate Request form, estimated housing costs will be included in your estimate.

Do you offer a meal plan?

We do not have a cafeteria on site and because the housing is apartments, most students buy groceries and prepare their meals “at home.” We do have a student cafe with vending kiosks offering fresh food.


When do I need to be there / what is the calendar for the year?

All new students are required to arrive the morning of Saturday, July 27th, 2019 and will begin orientations that evening (apartment move-in will also begin that day, after students have checked in). A more detailed schedule can be found in the brochure.