You asked the questions, and The Young Americans team answered.

Q: What do you see for The Young Americans and the college during this pandemic and after? (August 2020)

A:  Our immediate priority, after ensuring student safety, is to honor our obligation to our sophomore students while planning for the return of performing arts and educational tours.

Since 1962 our mission has informed the visions of past and current leadership. With the arrival of our new CEO Andy Luna, The Young Americans organization will benefit from the decades of rich experience he brings. Andy has many exciting new plans for The Young Americans and we wholeheartedly support him in implementing his vision. Making change for the betterment of The Young Americans is everyone’s priority and commitment.

Q: What qualifications does one need to become a Board Member?

A:  Love of the organization and support for its Mission.  Experience and valuable insight in one or more impacting areas – arts education, non-profit administration, legal, finance, governance, etc.  Sufficient time resource to support up to two 3-hour meetings per month.  Financial resources to donate at least $1,000 annually and network resources to get at least $2,500 in other donor contributions annually.  Fifty per cent of the board will be previous staff and/or alumni of The Young Americans.

Q: Do the students have the opportunity to work?

A:  There is no prohibition on students working but at present there is no formal employment program for students on campus.

Q: How can the community support the TYA? 

A:  Our donors are a vital part of The Young Americans and with their support, The Young Americans mission continues to spread the power of music, goodwill, and hope around the world. You can find out more about how to donate or volunteer by going to our website: https://www.youngamericans.org/support/

Q: What if I have a gig for The Young Americans?

A: Contact CEO Andy Luna (aluna@youngamericans.org).  He would love to hear from you.

Q: What about the departure of Bill Brawley?

A: Mr. Brawley chose to resign. He is a legend, having given over 47 years of service as a performer, director, and Chief Artistic Director to The Young Americans. We appreciate the countless ways he encouraged students to be their best. He will always be remembered, and we heartily wish him well.

Q: What about the departure of Kat Dull?

A:  Ms. Dull chose to leave The Young Americans. We accepted her resignation and will miss her devotion to the legacy of The Young Americans. We are grateful for her work with students and wish her well in her future endeavors.

Q: How are our donors reacting?

A: We are blessed with many generous and caring donors across the globe who have never forgotten the magic and joy of a Young Americans performance. Their support and encouragement are deeply appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions Update (July 2020)

Q: What about our annual performances, benefits, events, etc.? Are they still happening? (July 2020)

A: Sadly COVID-19 has hit the pause button on the performing arts industry.  As you’ve likely heard, most Broadway performing arts companies are not expecting to re-open any sooner than January or February.

Protecting everyone’s safety is our highest concern. Performances will resume when it is safe for our cast members, staff, patrons, and the communities who welcome us into their schools and homes to do so. Many non-profit organizations are converting their benefit events to virtual events which is a possible option we are looking into.

Q: When can we go touring again?

A: See the above answer.

Frequently Asked Questions Update (June 2020)

Q: What Is The Young Americans’ Response To Black Lives Matter? (June 2020)

A: We stand in support of our Black students, our Black alumni, and the Black community in solidarity with all who seek racial equality and justice. We believe deeply that equality, respect, and justice are central to the character of The Young Americans, to the health of our nation, and to the well-being of our world.”


The Young Americans

We know these are uncertain times for many people, just as they are uncertain for The Young Americans.

If you are able to, please consider making a donation to help us endure this crisis.