The Young Americans are frequently invited back to cities and towns which have previously hosted the Performing Arts Experience. This captures the anticipation and joy of their return.

As a fully accredited performing arts college which has conducted outreach programs in schools and been featured in public performances in 32 countries, describing the impact that The Young Americans Performing Arts Experience has upon communities is a daunting task. This video features comments from teachers and administrators as to the immediate and long-term impact of a visit by The Young Americans.

Hosting the Experience

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Performing Arts Experience.  Hopefully, the above videos and any additional information that we can provide offer proof of lives changed as a result of the Performing Arts Experience and the life-long impact of personal growth and community enrichment which are the legacies of this program.

Hand-in-hand with your commitment to the Performing Arts Experience is our pledge of conscientious and continuous support in every aspect of its planning and presentation. We look forward to addressing your questions and to structuring this program to optimally address your goals.

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