Just Keep Swimming!

As we go on this journey together, the cast experiences so many emotions. We enjoy happiness together, as we grow with every show and see the kids’ lives be affected every town. We also experience some hardships, like sickness and stress. We just had a workshop in Harsefield, and it was definitely a time that we will all remember.

We loaded the bus and began the trip to Harsefield with an announcement from Maria, our company manager, “Get ready guys! We have 400 kids this town!” Immediately the cast cheered with the excitement of the challenge. There was also a feeling of slight pressure, because of the number of kids we would have to affect and the greater effort needed to really captivate and bring this workshop to the level of excellence it deserves.

The workshop began to some laughter and slight disrespect from some of the girls in the group, looking skeptical about the 3 days they would spend with us. We ensured them that if they would “go there” with us and trust us, we could change their lives and make them more positive, happy people.

Every day of the workshop ended in a lot of sweat and a lot of chatter of the stories of the kids. I am personally really thankful for this town because the whole cast was really held accountable for large portions of the workshop, and everyone’s personalities and work ethic were challenged. We all were able to grow together even more. However, a lot of sickness began to creep into the cast, due to a mysterious bug some of the kids had. People started feeling flu-like symptoms and injuries began worsening, keeping everyone in the cast on high alert of their health.

The 3rd day arrived, and we walked into the venue: an ice rink?! We began to assemble the set and were forced to stop twice because of overlooked fire hazards that the venue’s managers discovered. Nevertheless, YA’s always “make it work,” so we re arranged our usual set up and compromised with the venue to give these 400 kids the best possible show they deserved.

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