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prospective students
The Young Americans offer each student a unique learning experience. The emphasis is upon training performers and arts educators, however, these components also contain fundamental lessons that can be applied to any career path the student may choose.
To join The Young Americans and become a student at our college, the first step is to audition. You can find details regarding our audition process on our Auditions page.
The extraordinary young people who are students at The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts represent all colors and many religions of the world. They come from wealthy homes and poor homes, from big cities and small towns, two-parent homes and one-parent homes. The common qualities that each of them share is a passion for the performing arts, caring for others and a desire for personal and artistic growth. Those who are chosen to participate in The Young Americans program leave their families and friends in places like Nebraska, New York, Alabama, Tokyo, Hamburg and London to travel to Southern California to begin a life of extraordinary hard work — a life that will include not only training in theater, music and dance, but laughter, tears, travel, understanding, wisdom, and lifelong friendships. The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts program encompasses intensive study in vocal performance, dance, acting, music theory, and music history. In addition, the program recognizes the need for the student to study the basics of human psychology, personal finance, and more to develop life skills so they may become not simply a successful performer, but a well-rounded individual who is successful in all aspects of their life. The program of study is very intensive. The typical YA student spends 45 hours each week in their freshman year engaged in lectures, classes, workshops and rehearsals. In the second year, the student is exposed to a variety of performance opportunities and is encouraged to refine the skills needed in the entertainment and education world. By the end of their time with the program, the average student has had the opportunity to participate in studio recitals, live concert performances, and 10-week domestic and/or international touring productions. The graduating student has a strong skill set that will help them become successful as a performer, educator, or whatever they choose for their life’s work.  
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