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college program
The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts is established as a conservatory style program of study for students who wish to combine intensive performing arts training with service based learning experiences that broaden understanding of the global community.
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The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts exists to provide members of The Young Americans with a learning environment that reinforces the YA experience of innovative and creative learning with academic rigor that advances artistry and leadership to establish each student as a lifelong learner.

Formed as a specialty school, The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts blends the concepts of theoretical learning with practical application. It is our belief that an education with an emphasis on the performing arts enables the student to develop diversity in their thought process, communication skills and approach to problem solving – skills vital to success in today’s global community.


To provide members of The Young Americans with a performance-based education emphasizing artistry, leadership, communication, and collaboration. The Associate of Arts and certificate programs of study offered provide developing artists with skills, knowledge, and experiences that will be foundational for their future as performers, teachers and leaders.

  • To develop an institution that is recognized internationally for its ability to train the finest performers and arts educators.
  • To provide courses of study that are of the highest standards and connect theory to practice so that students are prepared for life after college.
  • To offer courses of study that ignite the student’s desire to learn and equips them with the skills needed for a life-long commitment to learning.
  • To assemble a faculty with extensive professional experience in their fields and who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and guiding artistic growth.
  • Artistry – Students will develop their artistic voice and gain an acute awareness, understanding, appreciation and expression of the performing arts.
  • Leadership – Students will develop and demonstrate application of ethical decision making, defined values system, diversity of knowledge and understanding of management and team leadership.
  • Global Perspective – Students will develop skills that allow them to effectively and professionally work across cultural boundaries.
  • Continuous Learning – Students will develop critical analysis skills and be able to apply these skills to a life-long pursuit of knowledge.
The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts offers each student a unique learning experience. The emphasis is upon training performers and arts educators, however, these components also contain fundamental lessons that can be applied to any career path the student may choose.
The Young Americans runs a training program designed to prepare new members of The Young Americans for participation as a performer and teacher with The Young Americans’ International Music Outreach Tour. The training program is completed in the member’s first year and works on developing performance techniques, teaching techniques and artistic growth. New members of The Young Americans must complete this program prior to auditioning for a place on a Music Outreach Tour. Young Americans College students interested in this program, please read information regarding Enrollment Option C. The Associate of Arts in Performance degree program is a two-year program of study that emphasizes the development of artistic growth coupled with the development of leadership, cultural literacy and a commitment to continued personal growth. The AA in Performance program is musically oriented and develops a foundation of contemporary performance skills in the genres of voice, acting, and dance. The overall program provides students with technical proficiency, live performance experiences, and core academic classes so they may become well rounded artists. Check out our Alumni page to see a partial listing of former Young Americans and what they have accomplished.
The integration between the college program and the productions of The Young Americans organization provides students the opportunity to continue to work towards completing their education with The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts while participating in domestic and international tours, dinner theatres, album recordings and large venue live concert performances.


Download the 2015-2016 Academic Catalog by clicking here. | For past years visit our Archives page.


Download the 2015-2016 College Info Packet by clicking here.


Download the current School Performance Fact Sheet by clicking here. | For past years visit our Archives page.


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The faculty, staff and Board of Directors of The Young Americans have a long standing commitment to providing our students with the very best learning experiences. It has always been our goal to offer accredited units that are transferable and enable students to be eligible for financial aid and student loans. This is currently possible through an affiliation between The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts and North Central Michigan College (NCMC).

Through the NCMC affiliation, students enrolled in The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts’ Associate of Arts in Performance program can concurrently enroll in courses and work towards earning an Associate’s in General Studies degree through NCMC. Students will not duplicate courses; all courses will be taught by Young Americans faculty and all classes will take place in our California classrooms or online.

Visit our NCMC page to read more about the benefits and requirements of our partnership.

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