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Auditions | Becoming a Young American

Members of The Young Americans® come from all across the USA and the world. Each member brings their own unique talents and life story to the organization. They are all shapes and sizes, all the colors of the human rainbow, all the religions of the world and have ancestors from every continent. The single quality they share is their passion to communicate through music.

All those wishing to become a Young American cast member and enroll in the Young Americans College must first undergo an audition process. Auditions are open to graduating high school seniors and college students up to 20 year olds. The audition process focuses not just on determining the individual’s talent, but also to get a sense of the work ethic and humanity of each potential Young American. Applicants should come prepared to sing 32 measures of any style song unaccompanied. Dancers and musicians should also prepare a 32-measure piece. We suggest applicants prepare a piece that best displays their talent and also allows the directors to get to know them as a person.

Auditions are held at the following locations:
  • To audition in person, you have two choices:

    1) Attend one of our U.S. workshops as a participant and audition after the performance with our directors (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Workshop fees may apply). If you are interested in this option, visit our U.S. tour webpage to register for an upcoming workshop near you.
    Auditioning at Outreach Tour location? Click here to fill out our audition form: HERE

    2) Attend our Annual Southern California Audition this fall in October at our headquarters in Corona, CA by clicking here to
    fill out our Audition Interest Form.
  • Video Auditions – For those potential Young Americans, ages 17 to 20, who cannot audition in person or reside outside of the USA, please send a U.S. formatted audition DVD and résumé to our California Business Office. Audition DVDs should be around 4-5 minutes long and show you singing 32 measures of any song unaccompanied and/or dancing a 32-measure piece. You may also choose to include a short demonstration of any of your other talents. Audition DVDs are accepted year round. First, please fill out our Video Audition Form to provide your information. You may also upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and e-mail us the link at
  • Additional questions can be answered by contacting us at .
After the Audition …
Those who are chosen for admission to The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts program will leave their families and friends and travel to Southern California to begin a life of hard work, but one that will also bring them music, dance, travel, understanding, wisdom, lifelong friendships and extraordinary emotional experiences.
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